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Social Media Marketing from Courtney Web Design

Social Media is one of the fastest growing areas of internet marketing and now an essiential part of any web site design in terms of online presence. One of the best aspects of social media is that it is very affordable and so accessible that every business can reap the rewards. Social Media not online improves your presence online but can increase traffic to your website, ehance your brand and help establish credibility.

At Courtney Web Design we can advise you on how social media will benefit you, help you connect your business, design your social media pages, create relevent copy and promote your online presence through social media networks.

Some of the different types of social media are:

  • Social Networking - Services that create two way communications to share information, pictures and videos. Full networks like Facebook and Google +, micro blogging networks like Twitter and professional networks like LinkedIn.
  • Social Media Sharing - Services for posting videos and pictures allowing it to be shared and also commenting on. There are three types, video (ie. YouTube), photos (ie. Flickr), audio (ie. Podcast Alley).
  • Blogs - For easy content posting, commenting and sharing, ie. WordPress and Blogger.
  • Social Bookmarking - Users can bookmark pages to share with others on that network. ie. Stumble Upon, Delicious.
  • Social News - Users can share and vote of news articles of interest. ie. Digg and Reddit.
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Social Media Examples

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