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" Design is like gravity - the force that holds it all together. "   EDGAR WHITNEY

Website design

Design is the fundamental part of producing any web site. It is not only the visual appearance of a web site, but also the combination of subject research, site planning and detailed programming. A good design should not only satisfy the visual needs of the visitor, but should also be easily accessible, informative, functional, self-explanatory, and user friendly.

At Courtney Web Design, all our websites are created individually for each client and tailor-made suit their internet needs.
As a web design company we do not use any templates or pre-conceived design ideas - each website has its own brief and therefore its own design and its own identity.

Each website that we create is designed with the objective of search engine optimization. So, the end result is not only a superb web site but one that can be easily found on the web in the top search engine positions.

The web design process consists of several basic stages:

  • CLIENT BRIEF - Your internet requirements, ideas and search terms are assessed and determined.
  • DESIGN CONCEPT - The idea, theme and general plan of the web site are established and agreed.
  • COMPOSITION - The main design, page layouts, site tructure, and navigation are all pieced together.
  • OPTIMISATION - The site is programmed and optimised for search engines, download speed and user-accessibility.

Our web design prices

At Courtney Web Design our prices are based on the time and effort it takes to design and create a web site as a whole, rather than the number of individual pages required. This allows for more freedom within the design structure of the site, and offers you value for money in terms of content.

As website requirements vary considerably from client to client, so can the price. We offer a free, personal consultation and quotation service tailored to suit your needs and budget. The web design price agreed, will include creating a theme/concept for the site, the site structure, page layouts, navigation, graphic design, digital imaging, programming, search engine optimisation, programming and anything else required to enhance the design and performance of your website.

Once your site is designed and live online, it doesn't stop there. As a valued client we will look after, maintain and manage your website. Any minimal changes will be carried out free of charge and any other work will be charged at our standard hourly rate (£40) or at fee agreed in advance.


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